Digital Marketing Specialist (2016-current)
SI logo Scandinavian Instruments ApS website
Developed in Joomla CMS (2009-2016)
Masters thesis Why certain interactive, digital museum exhibitions fail
A critical evaluation of interaction design in Danish museums (Master’s thesis, 2015)
Denmark in Minecraft Survival Denmark in Minecraft
Administrating 4 billion blocks in scale 1:1 (2015)
Tiger Quiz Tiger Quiz for Aalborg Zoo
Educational game experience made with Arduino and Game Maker (2013)
Photo of prototype
Smart Pirates Smart Pirates
Utilizing smartphones as controllers for manipulating game experience (Bachelor project, 2013)
Radwin Island Radwin Island
A 3D adventure game for the visually impaired (Medialogy project, 2012)
Osu game on whiteboard Osu! on Whiteboard
How to make a smartboard using a Wii-mote and an IR-device (2009)